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Child Support

Orders for payment of child support are typically entered in divorce cases in the Circuit Court, or in other custody proceedings in the District or Juvenile Courts.

Any petition to modify child support (or to modify custody) must be filed as a new case - with the same base case number as the original child support or custody order, and the next consecutive point extension. For example, the first modification filed after the final divorce decree in case number 39-DR-2014-900199.00 would be numbered 39-DR-2014-900199.01.
A filing fee is required, as shown on the fee chart.
As with any divorce or custody proceeding, it is wise to obtain the services of an attorney before attempting to file a case seeking to modify child support or custody. If you choose to attempt the filing on your own (pro se), you should know that the Circuit Clerk's office cannot give you advice on how to prepare your documents.

Links for Forms and additional information:

Alabama Legal Help Website -

State of Alabama, United Judicial System E-forms -

Except in special circumstances, all Child Support is paid to the Alabama Central Disbursement Division in Montgomery. This includes payments from individuals and payments through a withholding order. All payments must list the entire 16-digit case number. The first four digits on a Jackson County divorce case will be 39DR. The next four digits are the four-digit case year. The next six digits are the case number (with leading zeroes). The last two digits are the point extension (.00, .01, etc.) For example, a Jackson County divorce, commonly referred to as case DR-09-809 would be entered as: 39DR2009000809.00.

For more information on Child Support payments, contact the Alabama Central Disbursement Division (ACDD):

P.O. Box 4960
Montgomery, AL

Phone: 1-877-774-9513
Voice Response: 1-888-726-9799
Fax: (334) 353-5181

To contact our county Department of Human Resources please call 256-575-6000.